Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate Apr 30

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate 58 degrees and partly cloudy to 81 degrees and mostly sunny.  Cooler morning less wind less temperature, nicer day today, there is a breeze but not the forty miles per hour gusts like yesterday.
You can see the dust in the air after a truck went thru on the county road
We did have a water tanker come in to wet down the lot driveway and the county road to “help control the dirt” flying around when the wind blows. Today I was a large dust devil blowing across our road into the pad area.

The well drilling is going slow as they are “tripping out” the drill pipe, every day the past three days replacing drill tip motors and other components to control the direction of the drill.
Drill pipe stacked on the right side of the rig deck
I noticed today that yesterdays post is number nine hundred since I started this blog in 2009.

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