Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kingsburg California

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lancaster, California 28 degrees mostly sunny. Travel day.
CA 14 Antelope Valley Freeway northbound
To Kingsburg California 69 degrees mostly hazy sunshine. Buster drove one hundred eighty miles thru the Antelope Valley on CA 14 then thru Tehachapi pass (there is no snow there now) on CA 58 and north on CA 99 from Bakersfield to Kingsburg, CA. Traffic was lighter today on CA 14 and CA 58 but CA 99 was medium, noticeably more than the other roads.

Tehachapi pass
Buster is going to catch his breath here for two nights after three days of travel of four hundred seventy six miles. Buster has full hookups here and we can catchup on the laundry after boon docking for a month and a half.

CA 58 going down to Bakersfield, CA
Snow capped mountains east of CA 99
Sun-made Raisins
In these two pictures you can see the hazy sunshine after crossing into the big valley. There is a Chinese buffet in Dinuba, CA about eleven miles east of the campground where we had dinner. Bonnie likes their Orange Chicken and they have seafood specials I like. The campground is near Sun-made Raisins
Snow capped mountains from the restaurant parking lot

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