Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 24 - 28

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Morning 52 Degrees, Wind W & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 95%, overcast.
Afternoon 69 Degrees, Wind SW & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 74%, overcast.

The collision shop contact called this morning trying to smooth things over, did not work and next week I will compose a letter to the insurance company. We have Tan Jan back tonight, the RV shop called just about lunch time to say they were done installing the tow base plate. We rode into town and picked up Tan Jan and dropped off the rental car. Good to have our car back.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Morning 65 Degrees, Wind SW & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 98%, overcast.

Tan Jan has a Road trip, today we are going to Austin, TX visiting with our daughter Carole and family for the thanksgiving day holiday. Going up the weather was misty to hard rain to some sunlight, traffic was heavy on I 35 with stop and go the last two miles to our exit. We rode along as they volunteered to help the homeless for thanksgiving Wednesday evening.

Food and clothing was distributed to locations to be given out on thanksgiving morning. On Thursday morning they went out to the turkey trot five mile walk while we watched the Macy's thanksgiving day parade on the television.

Friday we stayed away from the shopping areas actually in the warm dry house as the weather had gone cold and rainy.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Saturday, November 28, 2015
Afternoon 48 Degrees, Wind NE 3 & gusting to 5 Mph, Humidity 93%, overcast

we waited a little for the morning rush before heading out for Buster. Cooler this morning as a front moved thru bringing the colder weather. Still some rain with light showers for only a short distance while driving. Arriving here at Buster there were puddles our front on the side of the road must have had heavy rain while we were gone.

Thought For The Day – Don’t forget to set your scales back 10 pounds this week.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 20 - 23

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 20 - 22
Friday late in the afternoon I got the call from the collision shop that they found the hoses leaking and that they trimmed the them back and re-seated the clamps. Also that the radiator was properly re-seated in the bracket. And they will deliver Tan Jan to the RV shop to reinstall the tow bar base plate.

Saturday and Sunday football and NASCAR racing from Miami, Florida.

Monday, About eight thirty I called the RV shop advising them that Tan Jan will be delivered there this morning, and with them telling me that Tan Jan was not there yet.
So here it is after ten o’clock on Monday morning, let’s call the collision shop to check on Tan Jan. My contact is not there this morning, they have not moved Tan Jan to the RV shop, but recite the coolant info I already know. This person now say’s that it will happen by eleven o’clock so just after eleven I call wanting to talk to the manager, on vacation, my contact is still not there so I am talking to the “office manager” receptionist, how calls back eight minutes latter saying the car is on the way and reconfirms the address. Lets see how the day ends.

We decide to head north into town and a call from the RV shop letting us know Tan Jan arrived at lunch time and they will get on it Monday afternoon - Tuesday morning and we can pick up about two o’clock Tuesday. We stop at the collision shop anyway letting them know our displeasure for their lack of service. We continue on to the RV shop and Tan Jan is there waiting I check under the front and still see evidence of coolant, we will see what the RV shop say's when they do their work installing the base plate. Well we need milk a stop for groceries is made on the return to Buster trip.

Thought For The Day – Every woman wants to be swept off her feet. It’s when you put them in the trunk that they start to freak out.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 14 - 20

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Saturday, November 14, 2015
We were able to watch our granddaughter Ariana play softball games over the internet streaming from North Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This was a showcase where teams play for college scouts. There were two games an afternoon and evening game. This internet feed was only a single camera without a voice audio. The still picture is a little hard to watch. But watch we did even with some ‘buffering” pauses.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Sunday, November 15,
two more games today one early and one afternoon they one both today and split the games yesterday. The team performance is not the important thing in the showcase games it is the players being watched as individuals. To me the score say’s how the  individuals did as a group.

Then it was onto football and NASCAR from Phoenix, Arizona to complete our day.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nothing exciting these days.
Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Thursday, November 19,
False start today in picking up Tan Jan from the collision shop and delivering to the RV shop. The Rv shop found coolant leaking and the radiator not properly installed in the car. Because of this they did not install the tow bar base plate.
radiator should be centered down in the bracket round hole
red is coolant and the black bracket is shinny wet

We were on our way back to Buster when we got the call so we turned around and went back to the RV shop, moving Tan Jan back to the collision shop pointing out the problems before coming back to Buster. In the picture above the radiator should be centered down in the bracket round hole. Not showing up well in the picture is the red coolant on the components. The picture below is the new base plate where the end place is straight not in an S shape.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Friday, November 20,
Late in the afternoon today I got a call from the collision shop saying the hoses were aging and that was causing the leaks and they trimmed the hoses and re-clamped them. Then I asked about the radiator, they said that was now properly positioned in the bracket. The car will be delivered to the RV shop Monday morning.

Thought for the Day:   “The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream.” – Bill Murray

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - November 3 - 11

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - November 3 - 11
Well I have been very lazy about posting this month. Mostly because there is nothing happening just waiting for gate work. Well there are some things that have happened some good some bad. First the good it was Carole’s birthday on the fifth Happy Birthday Carole.

On the sixth the bad happened we had went to H E B for some groceries it was about five in the afternoon pulling out onto US 281 and trying to turn left to go north a van turning right into the parking I was rolling Tan Jan out a SUV came around that car turning and Contacted Tan Jan’s tow bar equipment.

That S curve is not supposed to be there

It resulted in call to insurance and a trip to the collision shop on Monday. That was only a cosmetic estimate of damages $ 950.00. We then went to have the tow bar equipment looked at and the report there is replace. Then back to the collision shop for them to “see” the under laying damage. Wednesday the eleventh, we delivered Tan Jan at the collision shop to be repaired. Then to the car rental place for “transportation” while Tan Jan is repaired.

Thought For The Day – The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it’s still on my list.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Oct 31 - Nov 2

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Saturday, October 31, 2015
Morning 68 Degrees, Wind SW 3 & gusting to 5 Mph, Humidity 90%, rain, mostly cloudy.
Afternoon 81 Degrees, Wind  variable, Humidity 75%, mostly cloudy rain at sunset.

We hung out at Buster today watching Florida State football and NASCAR racing from Martinsville, VA.
C 5 Aircraft

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Sunday, November 1, 2015
Morning 61 Degrees, Wind variable calm, Humidity 97%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 80 Degrees, Wind NW 3 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 30%, mostly sunny.
 There was rain again overnight but not as much as last night as we start a new month.

Carole & Bonnie

Today we went to Joint Base San Antonio Air Show at Randolph AFB. It is about an hour drive from here to the base. We arrived and poked around awhile waiting for Carole and Avery to arrive from Austin. As it turned out we left Buster before they left home. Texting we advised them where we will be “hanging out” making it easy for them to find us. All parking was on the east side and we were bused to the display area.
Avery waiting our turn

Logistic transport aircraft a big part of the mission of this base with displays of tanker and equipment aircraft. C 5 was one of the displays showing the capable capacity volume of the aircraft, or the drive thru aspect when the nose and tail doors are open. With the nose open on the big aircraft and it is sticking up high in the sky so we advised them we were under the left wing. Easy to find as the biggest thing is sticking up in the air.
Avery at the controls of the KC 10 Tanker

We toured that aircraft and the KC 10 tanker aircraft parked behind then walked west thru the other displays of aircraft and support operations. Getting tired and with no place to sit we headed back to Tan Jan to await the final air show flying display The Thunderbird's aerial precision flying team performed. Earlier there were WW II aircraft flying demonstrations and other aircraft flying. Both cars left the parking area together headed our own directions.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Monday, November 2, 2015
Morning 55 Degrees, Wind SSW 2 & gusting to 3 Mph, Humidity 74%,mostly sunny.
Afternoon 90 Degrees, Wind WSW 3  & gusting to 5 Mph, Humidity 41%, sunny.
We stayed home at Buster resting today watching the NASCAR race recorded yesterday.