Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - May 28 & 29

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 65 degrees and partly sunny to 93 degrees and sunny.

Complete bed, I took the Sleep Number mattress completely apart took out the old mattress case and rebuilt the mattress. The case had gotten damaged by not releasing air before driving in the mountains as the altitude change and the large volume of air expanding in the air bags put extra stress on the mattress case. That was the first job of our day.

I have two day - night shades re-strung and need screws and plastic cord ends (anchor the cord ends and are screwed to the wall) that aged and broke ready to install.

This afternoon we treated our self’s to new pillows for our newly rebuilt mattress now adjust for sleep number, I started with thirty-five as that is the number the person on the Sleep Number mattress telephone answered the telephone with but I think that will be too low.

Bonnie fixed dinner while I rested on the bed then it was time for softball and baseball practice, two hours each for Ariana and Zane, six to eight PM,  see we have grandchildren from A to Z. We split our time going the first hour to Zane’s baseball then driving to Ariana’s softball practice.

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 66 degrees and mostly cloudy to 80 degrees and cloudy with some spits of rain.

Water pump on Buster, Bonnie and I made the trip with not being able to use the water available in the tank because the pump did not work. The access to the pump requires removing several screws and removing a panel. Once I did that probing with a test light to ensure there was power there. I didn’t fine twelve volts now where is the fuse? I dawned on me after awhile there is a fuse box in the hallway, aha there is power and a good fuse. Now back at the pump probing again there is power probably not a good ground for the test light the first time. An RV dealer in Garner has changed to Camping World so I called there with the pump part number that number is discontinued but we have a replacement on the shelf, I will come right over. So this trip involved, Camping World , Walmart and lunch. It is now late afternoon with dinner and baseball practice for Zane at six, well I tackled the pump replacement anyway as I have been there and done this before. Access was already made this morning and that is the hardest part, taking the wall or panel down to gain access. Four screws and two fittings and the pump is out. As I am readying the new pump I realize the base where the screws go is thicker and longer screws are needed. Ok the pump is in and working correctly. Before I turn on the water to Buster maybe I’ll drain the hot water tank checking for sediment in the tank it has been a while and yes there is so that is good or bad? Anyway some particles are coming out when they stop I put the plug back. Off to practice.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holly Springs, NC May 26 - 27

Monday, May 26, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 60 degrees and partly sunny to 85 degrees and sunny.

A nice day to see a movie, Aunt Cindy, Bonnie and I took the grandchildren to the Million Dollar Arm movie (baseball).

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 68 degrees and partly sunny to 88 degrees and sunny and there were some rain spits but no rain.

Work work work, catching up on all things put off while working the Gates. Ordering, I developed an avoidance for not ordering things because of mail, or I pay double shipping in forwarding our mail from our box in New Mexico. Double money and double time to receive the item. While at the gate there is no local address the post office will deliver to so that option is out. Last summer while at the ranch I was free to order and did as there was no double shipping but there were also not as much local shopping options either. This year we have our daughter’s address to ship to and there is plenty of local options for shopping.

Window screens have corner radius plastic parts and we are rough on one that has broken and I ordered a part from the west coast. Pleated day / night shades, three or four need re-stringing and some parts are ordered for them. Late today UPS delivered our bed case and will install that tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Holly Springs, NC May 25

Sunday, May 25, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 60 degrees and partly sunny to 81 degrees and partly sunny.
Just a family day of Racing (watching), Indianapolis 500 and Coke a Cola 600.  I assisted on some errands (ride along) prior to the first race. The grandchildren had friends over and they were pooling. I also caught a nap during the first race so I could last thru the second race, but that part of the race was boring anyway, I was awake for the final thirty laps that was great racing.
Remembering the fallen in service to our country
Ok now some updates, water is very good, in connecting and reconnecting since the nineteenth there has been no water leaks. The hose o rings are doing the job and Buster looks good with no leaking hoses. The new wireless remote sleep number air pump and control arrived at the secret location before us and was waiting to to connected to our mattress. So after two nights better sleeping working with 35 as my sleep number. Just to get the new box up and running I placed it on the night stand by Bonnie. We might end up leaving it there as it adds height to her clock and table lamp. There is another package coming for the bed so there will be more to come.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Holly Springs, NC May 24

Saturday, May 24, 2014
Cunningham RV Park  Spartanburg, SC 63 degrees mostly sunny. Good start for Buster again today. At this park there was an extra charge for sewer connection at the site, I passed on that $4.00 charge and elected to use the dump station on the way out. It did entail more time to actually get on the road but we were on the road by eight-forty. Only twenty five long miles down the road was a Walmart Diesel fuel stop. I say long as I made a wrong turn, for some reason I saw a fifth wheel make a right turn and I thought the need to take the other I 26 entrance. This campground is one exit west on I 26 from I 85. In order to return to I 85 north the correct action was to follow the fifth wheel.
Buster's last night parked with friends

Holly Springs, NC - 80 degrees and mostly sunny. Two hundred twenty one miles for Buster today and 1,565 since we left the gate on May 7 and 1,355 since leaving Pace Bend RV park on our anniversary of forty-nine years on May 19. Buster is now parked at a secret location moochdocking. Visiting our grandchildren and our daughter.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cunningham RV Park Spartanburg, SC May 23

Friday, May 23, 2014
Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL sunny 62 degrees. Buster was real good as we were on the road before eight-thirty and then it was nine thirty as we crossed into Georgia, Georgia I got Georgia on my mind, we made good travel time until Atlanta holiday weekend traffic, we did fine but there were a few slow rolls at a few exits where major roads crossed or departed just volume no accidents. Our first time back into the eastern time zone since February of 2012.

Tan Jan getting hooked up with Buster

We were in the city of Atlanta by ten-thirty and up interstate eighty five, taking interstate twenty to eighty-five, one of the traffic backups was for vehicles exiting for I 285 the circle route around the city. Buster chanced the right time to go into the city center and traffic would be good and it flowed fine today. I could sense the traffic volume building as we approached Atlanta and lightening as we were further away headed northeast in I 85.

Cunningham RV Park  Spartanburg, SC 91 degrees mostly sunny to thunder storms late afternoon. Traffic was better after leaving the Atlanta area but still holiday weekend traffic cars and trucks making their way up and down the road. Buster’s dump hose has developed a leak so after getting here we had Camping World close by I decided a new hose was needed and took care of that. Gasoline for the car today $3.249 with the shopping card and the ten cent discount.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL May 22

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, MS mostly sunny 64 degrees. Buster is parked right up front noticing the in and out traffic for the park, not bad but noticeable. Buster was on the road at eight-thirty another great start for the day 226 miles for the day today and for the four days of traveling 893 miles since we left the Austin, TX area.

Buster parked at Benchmark RV Park
Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL sunny 84 degrees.  Interstate twenty is good in some places but the winter and ice are making the road surface rough. Buster stopped in Pell Alabama for a drink of diesel. The price was not discounted here but at $ 3.699 not bad compared to Pilot and other diesel prices in the area. Gasoline and diesel are more in Georgia and we are planning to pass them by and wait for the next state. I selected the site for the pull in and shade but there are trees blocking the satellite signal so the recorded programs are our television tonight.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, MS May 21

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Pavilion RV Park - West Monroe, LA mostly cloudy and 67 degrees. The clouds slowly gave way to partly sunny as Bonnie and I continued east on interstate twenty and some more bouncy cement road today. We crossed the Mighty Mississippi River today our first time east of the Mississippi since February 2012
Buster on the left at Pavilion RV Park
Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, MS mostly sunny 88 degrees a nice little park north of interstate twenty and just west of the state line with Alabama. Before we entered Meridian, MS interstate fifty-nine joined and will run together for awhile tomorrow as we continue following interstate twenty east thru Alabama to Atlanta. Tomorrow’s travel will only be a short drive in Mississippi and mostly Alabama. Bonnie and I are setting new records for getting on the road early in the morning eight-thirty today and we were done and parked by two o’clock that is great. Buster stopped at Walmart diesel here in Meridian $ 3.559 per gallon. Walmart is giving the fuel discount now thru September on gasoline and diesel using the shopping card.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pavilion RV Park - West Monroe, LA May 20

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Hwy 155 RV Park - Palestine, TX 69 degrees and partly sunny.

Buster parked at Hwy 155 RV Park
Bonnie and I kept out setup simple and today was quick getting set to go and were on the road by 8:45 another good start for us.

Pavilion RV Park - West Monroe, LA mostly sunny and 84 degrees. Buster finally departed Texas for the first time since September of last year. 
Welcome to Louisiana 
We arrived before one-thirty this afternoon after making a U-turn on Hwy 155 to return to US 79 and that took us to TX 43 all going northeast and I 20 east. Two hundred and twenty nine miles for Buster today. This trip we are continuing our early starts and early stops with better driving traffic. These scheduled stops are a little further apart (more mileage per day) to complete our trip east. 

There was light traffic on US 79 and TX 43 and noticeable medium traffic on interstate twenty, along with the concrete roadway that has weathered and more separations between the concrete slabs giving a bouncy ride. Bonnie was attempting to e-mail and mis hits of the keys because of the bouncy road was annoying to say the least. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hwy 155 RV Park - Palestine May 19

Monday, May 19, 2014                            
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 64 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Three deer grazing behind Buster this morning

I was completing my outside work when I looked up and noticed the three deer coming into the field to graze I stopped to watch then when ever I started to move one of the deer would stop grazing and watch me.

Bonnie and I are doing very good on this trip getting an early start the these traveling days. Today we were on the road by ten after nine and heading northeast today.

Hwy 155 RV Park - Palestine, TX 84 degrees and mostly sunny. 

Buster traveled east on 71 to I 35 and north about six miles where we got off onto US 290 east about ten miles and then north on 973 sixteen miles onto US 79 northeast the rest of the way to Loop 256 and onto Hwy 155 for almost two miles to the park. I tried to limit or stay off I 35 here in Austin as there are many traffic tie ups on the interstate anytime during the day. On entering the RV park there is propane gas so I topped of buster with ten gallons before parking in the assigned site. I also stopped on loop 256 at Walmart - Murphy for diesel posted at $3.659 and with the shopping card $3.559 per gallon. We stopped here in twenty twelve and it is a good days drive from Austin at 215 miles for Buster. It was easier to get into the pumps disconnecting the toad, and we only had another six miles to travel. It made it easier in the propane gas area and drive to our site without the toad attached also. I was aware of all this as we had been on this route in November of twenty-twelve.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 18

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 63 degrees and mostly sunny to 84 degrees and sunny.

I did some more cleaning outside today then went to visit with Carole and Avery at the pool this afternoon. We then had dinner and stopped at a post office to mail a letter. Leaving the post office there was a Target on our route home and Bonnie needed some tea while there she finally found her Clorox bleach jell there it is mostly a red container.

When we returned to Buster I did some picking up and packing away in preparation for our traveling tomorrow while doing that the sun is now behind everything but there is still plenty of light. I turned to face the back end of Buster and there in the field were the three young deer coming in to graze. As long as I did not move they continued to graze with one eye watching me. If I moved a little one would stop grazing and watch what I did. I did move slowly to finish packing the tire covers and to take the picture of the three deer.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 17

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 64 degrees and mostly sunny to 87 degrees and sunny. Just a great day weather wise.

Swim meet this morning we were there at the community pool before eight o’clock, a little on the cool side with a light breeze. Carole returned from California late last night but was there at the swim meet for Avery but needed some rest later.
Avery Sitting ready for next event
Bonnie and I were able to get some shopping done for our traveling days next week and pack that away in Buster. We were also able to rest before meeting up with Carole, Jackie and Avery for dinner at Angels Ice House that is only five miles from the campground.

Team Picture Day
Swimming the Butterfly

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 16

Friday, May 16, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 61 degrees and sunny to 85 degrees and sunny.

Those deer grazing behind Buster at the tree line when we returned on Tuesday were here for a drink and breakfast this morning. (And there are pictures) I am sitting here at the computer and the window shade up to allow the early morning sun in and there is movement that catches my eye I turn and look at a deer grazing and reach for the camera.
One bolted to the left as this one watched
I went to open the window quietly there at the tree beside Buster is another deer that bolts to the back hearing the window. It does return and continues to forage for food. Although there are only one deer in each picture there were three young ones all three passed in front of the porch of the office building. One came around to drink out of the red pail by the steps and the cement dump area then walked thru the dump area and across the road.

All three passed in front of the deck
this one came around to drink from the red pail

then drink from this cement pad dump station

Then continued thru the water and across the road

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 15

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 41 degrees and sunny to 81 degrees and sunny. In the cool cool of the morning, after the front moved thru we have had some cool days, wow earlier this month I thought we were going from winter to hot summer, but now we are getting those spring days.

I was working around out side today all small jobs cleaning, arranging, moving, setting things to be done tomorrow when it dawned on me and I looked at the rear jack pads and they off kilter and being pushed into the ground at an angle. It’s the rain, soft ground that is why I am going up hill. So I got my large blocks out and re-leveled Buster, it was worth the time and effort.

Bonnie and I got ready stopped and picked up pizza for dinner then went to Avery’s school and brought him home as jackie had some Jackie time today.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 14

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 51 degrees and mostly sunny to 71 degrees and mostly sunny.

Covers on Busters new eye brows
I had stopped earlier this week at Home Depot for water hose washers and today I got after it, changing the washers in my water hose connections. On a camp site where I only use two lengths of hose there are seven washers as I also have one elbow and one filter in the hose run and I use quick connect couplings. I always have at least two hoses, one from the camp supply to the filter and one short three foot filter to Buster. It has been the case that there is always one or two that give me a problem, some of these seem to bottom out, giving me the impression that the washer is too thin and needs a second so there is no water leak. If I try to use a second washer then they are hard to catch the first thread and do not seem to have enough thread engagement.

The three deer were grazing by the tree line behind Buster
I have been having problems with small water leaks at these connections for a while. In the purchasing these days there are washers and O rings in the same package and the O rings seem a little larger, thicker and I am trying them this time so far with good results today. After changing ALL the washers in the run (elbow, quick couplings, hose ends) for O rings and putting everything back together water turned on NO leaks the first time under water pressure. Next week we will be traveling east and there will be new camp sites every day and I will evaluate this again after the trip.

Next up sleeping, since we parked Buster here at Pace bend I have not had a good nights sleep. First up was leveling Buster, Saturday we made a very quick leveling to leave for the swimming meet and watching Avery our grandson. Saturday night it was like rolling out of bed with the level not being correct. Front end of Buster high, the lot slopes to the back and the stabilizer jacks are at the maximum extend. I put wood blocks under the rear jacks Sunday, I have two wood block sizes small 3 inch and large six inch, I put in the small ones in the rear, better but not enough. We are only here for a short time so I am done with that. Still not sleeping well still rolling out of bed, we have the sleep number bed and my number is a secret, even to me.

When I installed the air pump and wired controls I elected to NOT drill holes for the control wires to exit the under bed compartment but run them thru the edge where the compartment closes to the bed box. Over time the wire was crushed and the control will work eventually but there is no display on the control window. Today was finally action day, I called the sleep number bed for help and ordered a upgraded WIRELESS replacement, under warranty = reduced price. I am having that sent to to our daughters home in North Carolina where we will be after our trip east.

On a humorous note when the telephone was answered there at sleep number they give their number, the first person # 35 the second and last was a # 60. When I have a number again I will try these numbers first. I have not had a number displayed for so long that I forgot what number I was using. The display window slowly went a way, first numbers did not have all the lines to make the number display then only one of two dights displayed then nothing.

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 12

Monday, May 12, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 74 degrees and mostly sunny to 86 degrees and some sunshine with rain showers off an on.

Bonnie and I went over to watch Avery a martial arts practice and visited for a while then got some shopping done for things we were not able to get in Dilley or pearsall while we were gate guarding.

Did some cleaning on Buster between rain showers and I do need to get after some under compartments need sorting, cleaning and deleting. We are also getting into a good sleeping schedule.


The car is operating good with the new higher rated amperage battery cutoff switch. Buster even used the new windshield wipers leaving San Antonio Friday in leaving the area we did use everything we did purchase in preparation for our trip going east. I do cover the windshield wipers to protect the rubber from the sun when we are parked for an extended length of time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 54 degrees and rain to 60 degrees and rain showers. The rain started after dark last night and got quite heavy, enough to knock off our television satellite signal for a while.

Maybe last nights and today’s rain was a good cleaning rinse on Buster we will see. Bonnie and I went to make the pickup of Avery from school and stayed a while after dinner. We returned to Buster just about dark and driving the road to Buster the second night Bonnie saw a deer grazing on her side shoulder of the road, different places each time.

Then when we parked the car there were three deer grazing behind Buster, not even looking up at first but the doors closing they looked up but did not run off. We just went on about our business of going inside Buster while the deer continued to eat grass. I did try for a picture but there was not enough light, the flash worked but the seine was black.

The rain was not good enough to clean Buster, maybe I was too hopeful, the old mechanical elbow grease is needed to get the grime loosened for the right cleaning of Buster, just my wishful thinking.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 11

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX - 71 degrees and mostly cloudy to 88 degrees and mostly sunny. The clouds were slow to clear but they did move on out of our area. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there in Blog land.
For the afternoon we went to have dinner with Avery & Jackie Carole caller her Mom from California. As we were finishing dinner Christ called her Mom from North Carolina.

Friend and Avery
Creed & Chey
It is about a seventeen to eighteen mile commute to the house from the campground., there is one closer but the only had space available until Friday and i did not want to relocate for three more days of our visit.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 10

Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park - 59 degrees and mostly sunny.
City life, yesterday in our trips with Buster there were two truck accidents on interstate 410 causing considerable traffic backups and construction at the I 35 and I 410 merge. I took 410 apposed to interstate 35 as on thirty-five there are a few lane changes and Bonnie following in tan Jan would be a problem in addition to the last where I 410 merges into I 35 we exit a mile and half after the merge and getting to the right can be a problem. Thus the trip time was considerably longer than expected.

Buster at TX 281 RV Park

Buster at TX 281 RV Park

After the Busters Dr visit I got up onto I 410 heading for US 281 north out of San Antonio fine going good but the freeway ends a short ways up and goes to four lane divided highway unlimited access and went right down to stop and go traffic. There had been a rain shower leaving large puddles and traffic lights slowed movement because of the rain creating the large volume of traffic.
Buster and Tan Jan Hooked up

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX 90 degrees mostly sunny.

A short seventy-one mile drive in Buster from Bulverde to Spicewood. Tan Jan towed very well and I like the connecting and disconnecting this tow bar very much
I only did a quick setup of Buster and Bonnie and I were off the see our grandson at a swim meet in their community pool. That was over by noon and we were back at the house for afternoon and a movie late in the afternoon. We enjoyed our day and evening with Jackie and Avery getting back to Buster after dark, we are home.

Avery & Bonnie

Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park May 9

Friday, May 9, 2014
Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, - 74 degrees and mostly cloudy humid.
  Geo here
We were on the road by eight-thirty, early for us but Buster had an appointment at the RV Doctor, Texas RV Supply, to repair the steps again. After their troubleshooting they found the door switch broken. I do remember kicking the sensor taped to the door frame and attempted to reattach that back in place and not succeeding in getting any step operation, and the warning in the dash did not illuminate advising the driver the step was out.
Boot on the tow bar leg that extends out to the towed vehicle

They replaced the tow bar and electric cable, both of these things I damaged. The cable I only replaced last summer but in the two trips I made not Towing Tan Jan this year the cable end was gone, s I was checking things in peroration to depart the gate in Dilley. The tow bar end was dragged down the highway the second time (I did this last year when I drove into Carlsbad for the refrigerator repair) getting that damaged again. The new tow bar has a pin and plate that will lock the tow bar in the stow position. This year not towing, Tan Jan was the plan because of dirt and dust when we have to turn onto dirt roads. The old tow bar was loose from wear and would flop down on the bumps unless it was tied in the up position.

Anyway the new Blue Ox tow bar will not let me make that mistake again. This tow bar also has boots over the extending parts so there is no exposed unpainted metal in the ambient weather.  I did not take any pictures connected today, got some after disconnecting the vehicles.
Tow bar pin in the plate locking in the up position

  Bon here
Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park 91 degrees with thunder showers, real rain this afternoon. Other areas of Texas it hailed. So feel blessed that it did not hail here.
Went to HEB the main grocery chain here in fact an HEB plus which has a electronics entertainment center a little bit of everything not found in the regular store. I was looking for Clorox Gel bleach no such thing to be found in this store. I will try a super Wally. I won’t use the liquid bleach being the washer/drier is in the bedroom with carpeted floor.

Tomorrow we will be in Austin to visit Grandson Avery. Carole (our daughter) fly’s to Ca. Tonight for a week we’ll see her next week-end. Want to take pictures at the big postcard painted on a building in Austin. We have been to the capital also University Texas. I’m sure we’ll find other sights. I’m feeling more adjusted to not working nights. I had 2 days before we left the work that I could not sleep. So Slept a good 12 hrs. Wednesday night. Feel great today.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy May 8

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, - TX 76 degrees and cloudy with a high chance of rain today to 91 degrees and we had it all partly sunny, rain and overcast.
This picture is January  this month Buster is in the other site

I first went to Texas RV supply for parts tow bar, car battery cutoff switch, Busters electric step and electrical umbilical cable. Well the only thing I completed was the battery switch the new switch is rated at 1,250 amps for cranking and should fix any car battery problems.

The tow bar ends are a long lead time item and I have decided to upgrade the tow bar with a new Blue Ox model that has a locking capability when not towing the car. The electric cable should be there tomorrow and they will look at the step problem. We will depart here in the morning and double drive to Texas RV Supply and will depart there heading north out of San Antonio towards Austin and stop somewhere in between these cities Friday night.  

This afternoon we drove to the company and turned in our last shirts and vests picking up our last paycheck.

Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, TX May 7

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate 74 degrees and mostly cloudy to 89 degrees and mostly sunny. Very slow to clear today still hazy at one in the afternoon.

Very busy morning with the move out and more of a picture show today. As these pices of the rig were moved away from each other there was more cleaning or pressure washing that was done to the areas that were not previously accessible.

About two the company man showed up at the gate to collect the equipment we had here and we were released from the gate. Finished packing Buster and started the three mile drive to the paved road. As I readied to depart the retractable electric steps would not retract. Not wanting to spend the time with troubleshooting them now I would drive with them out and give that condition special consideration as I drove to the campground.
All the parts still in place
Now going one mile before meeting another vehicle going the other direction I slowed (from eleven miles per hour) as we were about to pass each other the other driver (one of the guys from our gate area) stopped me to advise me the steps were out. I related the condition and continued to the paved road ant normal speed twelve miles per hour on the dirt road. Turning onto the paved road there was new road repair construction one lane traffic just ahead and concern with the steps out. It was a tight mile and it was only a short wait until it was our turn to go, staying clear of the orange cones. A quick stop for diesel fuel  for Buster $3.699 per gallon at H E B in Pearsall then the remainder of our trip today.
Table and sloped ramp that was in front of the rig balanced on the truck
Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, TX (southwest San Antonio) for a few days.  Total trip today ninety-two miles for Buster mostly on interstate thirty-five. After parking and setting up we treated ourselves to dinner our and stopping in a super walmart for a few things. Been a while since we were near a super not really shopping as we were tired from a long day, just gathering essentials.

Tower section of the rig on the lowbow trailer

Rig Structure that was on the ground on its trailer

Main generator being loaded onto its trailer