Friday, May 16, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 15

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 41 degrees and sunny to 81 degrees and sunny. In the cool cool of the morning, after the front moved thru we have had some cool days, wow earlier this month I thought we were going from winter to hot summer, but now we are getting those spring days.

I was working around out side today all small jobs cleaning, arranging, moving, setting things to be done tomorrow when it dawned on me and I looked at the rear jack pads and they off kilter and being pushed into the ground at an angle. It’s the rain, soft ground that is why I am going up hill. So I got my large blocks out and re-leveled Buster, it was worth the time and effort.

Bonnie and I got ready stopped and picked up pizza for dinner then went to Avery’s school and brought him home as jackie had some Jackie time today.

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