Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hwy 155 RV Park - Palestine May 19

Monday, May 19, 2014                            
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 64 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Three deer grazing behind Buster this morning

I was completing my outside work when I looked up and noticed the three deer coming into the field to graze I stopped to watch then when ever I started to move one of the deer would stop grazing and watch me.

Bonnie and I are doing very good on this trip getting an early start the these traveling days. Today we were on the road by ten after nine and heading northeast today.

Hwy 155 RV Park - Palestine, TX 84 degrees and mostly sunny. 

Buster traveled east on 71 to I 35 and north about six miles where we got off onto US 290 east about ten miles and then north on 973 sixteen miles onto US 79 northeast the rest of the way to Loop 256 and onto Hwy 155 for almost two miles to the park. I tried to limit or stay off I 35 here in Austin as there are many traffic tie ups on the interstate anytime during the day. On entering the RV park there is propane gas so I topped of buster with ten gallons before parking in the assigned site. I also stopped on loop 256 at Walmart - Murphy for diesel posted at $3.659 and with the shopping card $3.559 per gallon. We stopped here in twenty twelve and it is a good days drive from Austin at 215 miles for Buster. It was easier to get into the pumps disconnecting the toad, and we only had another six miles to travel. It made it easier in the propane gas area and drive to our site without the toad attached also. I was aware of all this as we had been on this route in November of twenty-twelve.

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