Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy May 8

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, - TX 76 degrees and cloudy with a high chance of rain today to 91 degrees and we had it all partly sunny, rain and overcast.
This picture is January  this month Buster is in the other site

I first went to Texas RV supply for parts tow bar, car battery cutoff switch, Busters electric step and electrical umbilical cable. Well the only thing I completed was the battery switch the new switch is rated at 1,250 amps for cranking and should fix any car battery problems.

The tow bar ends are a long lead time item and I have decided to upgrade the tow bar with a new Blue Ox model that has a locking capability when not towing the car. The electric cable should be there tomorrow and they will look at the step problem. We will depart here in the morning and double drive to Texas RV Supply and will depart there heading north out of San Antonio towards Austin and stop somewhere in between these cities Friday night.  

This afternoon we drove to the company and turned in our last shirts and vests picking up our last paycheck.

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