Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park May 9

Friday, May 9, 2014
Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, - 74 degrees and mostly cloudy humid.
  Geo here
We were on the road by eight-thirty, early for us but Buster had an appointment at the RV Doctor, Texas RV Supply, to repair the steps again. After their troubleshooting they found the door switch broken. I do remember kicking the sensor taped to the door frame and attempted to reattach that back in place and not succeeding in getting any step operation, and the warning in the dash did not illuminate advising the driver the step was out.
Boot on the tow bar leg that extends out to the towed vehicle

They replaced the tow bar and electric cable, both of these things I damaged. The cable I only replaced last summer but in the two trips I made not Towing Tan Jan this year the cable end was gone, s I was checking things in peroration to depart the gate in Dilley. The tow bar end was dragged down the highway the second time (I did this last year when I drove into Carlsbad for the refrigerator repair) getting that damaged again. The new tow bar has a pin and plate that will lock the tow bar in the stow position. This year not towing, Tan Jan was the plan because of dirt and dust when we have to turn onto dirt roads. The old tow bar was loose from wear and would flop down on the bumps unless it was tied in the up position.

Anyway the new Blue Ox tow bar will not let me make that mistake again. This tow bar also has boots over the extending parts so there is no exposed unpainted metal in the ambient weather.  I did not take any pictures connected today, got some after disconnecting the vehicles.
Tow bar pin in the plate locking in the up position

  Bon here
Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park 91 degrees with thunder showers, real rain this afternoon. Other areas of Texas it hailed. So feel blessed that it did not hail here.
Went to HEB the main grocery chain here in fact an HEB plus which has a electronics entertainment center a little bit of everything not found in the regular store. I was looking for Clorox Gel bleach no such thing to be found in this store. I will try a super Wally. I won’t use the liquid bleach being the washer/drier is in the bedroom with carpeted floor.

Tomorrow we will be in Austin to visit Grandson Avery. Carole (our daughter) fly’s to Ca. Tonight for a week we’ll see her next week-end. Want to take pictures at the big postcard painted on a building in Austin. We have been to the capital also University Texas. I’m sure we’ll find other sights. I’m feeling more adjusted to not working nights. I had 2 days before we left the work that I could not sleep. So Slept a good 12 hrs. Wednesday night. Feel great today.

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