Saturday, May 31, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - May 28 & 29

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 65 degrees and partly sunny to 93 degrees and sunny.

Complete bed, I took the Sleep Number mattress completely apart took out the old mattress case and rebuilt the mattress. The case had gotten damaged by not releasing air before driving in the mountains as the altitude change and the large volume of air expanding in the air bags put extra stress on the mattress case. That was the first job of our day.

I have two day - night shades re-strung and need screws and plastic cord ends (anchor the cord ends and are screwed to the wall) that aged and broke ready to install.

This afternoon we treated our self’s to new pillows for our newly rebuilt mattress now adjust for sleep number, I started with thirty-five as that is the number the person on the Sleep Number mattress telephone answered the telephone with but I think that will be too low.

Bonnie fixed dinner while I rested on the bed then it was time for softball and baseball practice, two hours each for Ariana and Zane, six to eight PM,  see we have grandchildren from A to Z. We split our time going the first hour to Zane’s baseball then driving to Ariana’s softball practice.

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 66 degrees and mostly cloudy to 80 degrees and cloudy with some spits of rain.

Water pump on Buster, Bonnie and I made the trip with not being able to use the water available in the tank because the pump did not work. The access to the pump requires removing several screws and removing a panel. Once I did that probing with a test light to ensure there was power there. I didn’t fine twelve volts now where is the fuse? I dawned on me after awhile there is a fuse box in the hallway, aha there is power and a good fuse. Now back at the pump probing again there is power probably not a good ground for the test light the first time. An RV dealer in Garner has changed to Camping World so I called there with the pump part number that number is discontinued but we have a replacement on the shelf, I will come right over. So this trip involved, Camping World , Walmart and lunch. It is now late afternoon with dinner and baseball practice for Zane at six, well I tackled the pump replacement anyway as I have been there and done this before. Access was already made this morning and that is the hardest part, taking the wall or panel down to gain access. Four screws and two fittings and the pump is out. As I am readying the new pump I realize the base where the screws go is thicker and longer screws are needed. Ok the pump is in and working correctly. Before I turn on the water to Buster maybe I’ll drain the hot water tank checking for sediment in the tank it has been a while and yes there is so that is good or bad? Anyway some particles are coming out when they stop I put the plug back. Off to practice.

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