Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cunningham RV Park Spartanburg, SC May 23

Friday, May 23, 2014
Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL sunny 62 degrees. Buster was real good as we were on the road before eight-thirty and then it was nine thirty as we crossed into Georgia, Georgia I got Georgia on my mind, we made good travel time until Atlanta holiday weekend traffic, we did fine but there were a few slow rolls at a few exits where major roads crossed or departed just volume no accidents. Our first time back into the eastern time zone since February of 2012.

Tan Jan getting hooked up with Buster

We were in the city of Atlanta by ten-thirty and up interstate eighty five, taking interstate twenty to eighty-five, one of the traffic backups was for vehicles exiting for I 285 the circle route around the city. Buster chanced the right time to go into the city center and traffic would be good and it flowed fine today. I could sense the traffic volume building as we approached Atlanta and lightening as we were further away headed northeast in I 85.

Cunningham RV Park  Spartanburg, SC 91 degrees mostly sunny to thunder storms late afternoon. Traffic was better after leaving the Atlanta area but still holiday weekend traffic cars and trucks making their way up and down the road. Buster’s dump hose has developed a leak so after getting here we had Camping World close by I decided a new hose was needed and took care of that. Gasoline for the car today $3.249 with the shopping card and the ten cent discount.

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