Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 14

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 51 degrees and mostly sunny to 71 degrees and mostly sunny.

Covers on Busters new eye brows
I had stopped earlier this week at Home Depot for water hose washers and today I got after it, changing the washers in my water hose connections. On a camp site where I only use two lengths of hose there are seven washers as I also have one elbow and one filter in the hose run and I use quick connect couplings. I always have at least two hoses, one from the camp supply to the filter and one short three foot filter to Buster. It has been the case that there is always one or two that give me a problem, some of these seem to bottom out, giving me the impression that the washer is too thin and needs a second so there is no water leak. If I try to use a second washer then they are hard to catch the first thread and do not seem to have enough thread engagement.

The three deer were grazing by the tree line behind Buster
I have been having problems with small water leaks at these connections for a while. In the purchasing these days there are washers and O rings in the same package and the O rings seem a little larger, thicker and I am trying them this time so far with good results today. After changing ALL the washers in the run (elbow, quick couplings, hose ends) for O rings and putting everything back together water turned on NO leaks the first time under water pressure. Next week we will be traveling east and there will be new camp sites every day and I will evaluate this again after the trip.

Next up sleeping, since we parked Buster here at Pace bend I have not had a good nights sleep. First up was leveling Buster, Saturday we made a very quick leveling to leave for the swimming meet and watching Avery our grandson. Saturday night it was like rolling out of bed with the level not being correct. Front end of Buster high, the lot slopes to the back and the stabilizer jacks are at the maximum extend. I put wood blocks under the rear jacks Sunday, I have two wood block sizes small 3 inch and large six inch, I put in the small ones in the rear, better but not enough. We are only here for a short time so I am done with that. Still not sleeping well still rolling out of bed, we have the sleep number bed and my number is a secret, even to me.

When I installed the air pump and wired controls I elected to NOT drill holes for the control wires to exit the under bed compartment but run them thru the edge where the compartment closes to the bed box. Over time the wire was crushed and the control will work eventually but there is no display on the control window. Today was finally action day, I called the sleep number bed for help and ordered a upgraded WIRELESS replacement, under warranty = reduced price. I am having that sent to to our daughters home in North Carolina where we will be after our trip east.

On a humorous note when the telephone was answered there at sleep number they give their number, the first person # 35 the second and last was a # 60. When I have a number again I will try these numbers first. I have not had a number displayed for so long that I forgot what number I was using. The display window slowly went a way, first numbers did not have all the lines to make the number display then only one of two dights displayed then nothing.

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