Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 10

Bulverde, TX - TX 281 RV Park - 59 degrees and mostly sunny.
City life, yesterday in our trips with Buster there were two truck accidents on interstate 410 causing considerable traffic backups and construction at the I 35 and I 410 merge. I took 410 apposed to interstate 35 as on thirty-five there are a few lane changes and Bonnie following in tan Jan would be a problem in addition to the last where I 410 merges into I 35 we exit a mile and half after the merge and getting to the right can be a problem. Thus the trip time was considerably longer than expected.

Buster at TX 281 RV Park

Buster at TX 281 RV Park

After the Busters Dr visit I got up onto I 410 heading for US 281 north out of San Antonio fine going good but the freeway ends a short ways up and goes to four lane divided highway unlimited access and went right down to stop and go traffic. There had been a rain shower leaving large puddles and traffic lights slowed movement because of the rain creating the large volume of traffic.
Buster and Tan Jan Hooked up

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX 90 degrees mostly sunny.

A short seventy-one mile drive in Buster from Bulverde to Spicewood. Tan Jan towed very well and I like the connecting and disconnecting this tow bar very much
I only did a quick setup of Buster and Bonnie and I were off the see our grandson at a swim meet in their community pool. That was over by noon and we were back at the house for afternoon and a movie late in the afternoon. We enjoyed our day and evening with Jackie and Avery getting back to Buster after dark, we are home.

Avery & Bonnie

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