Friday, May 23, 2014

Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL May 22

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Benchmark RV Park - Meridian, MS mostly sunny 64 degrees. Buster is parked right up front noticing the in and out traffic for the park, not bad but noticeable. Buster was on the road at eight-thirty another great start for the day 226 miles for the day today and for the four days of traveling 893 miles since we left the Austin, TX area.

Buster parked at Benchmark RV Park
Cane9creek RV Park - Heflin, AL sunny 84 degrees.  Interstate twenty is good in some places but the winter and ice are making the road surface rough. Buster stopped in Pell Alabama for a drink of diesel. The price was not discounted here but at $ 3.699 not bad compared to Pilot and other diesel prices in the area. Gasoline and diesel are more in Georgia and we are planning to pass them by and wait for the next state. I selected the site for the pull in and shade but there are trees blocking the satellite signal so the recorded programs are our television tonight.

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