Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX May 12

Monday, May 12, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 74 degrees and mostly sunny to 86 degrees and some sunshine with rain showers off an on.

Bonnie and I went over to watch Avery a martial arts practice and visited for a while then got some shopping done for things we were not able to get in Dilley or pearsall while we were gate guarding.

Did some cleaning on Buster between rain showers and I do need to get after some under compartments need sorting, cleaning and deleting. We are also getting into a good sleeping schedule.


The car is operating good with the new higher rated amperage battery cutoff switch. Buster even used the new windshield wipers leaving San Antonio Friday in leaving the area we did use everything we did purchase in preparation for our trip going east. I do cover the windshield wipers to protect the rubber from the sun when we are parked for an extended length of time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Pace Bend RV Park - Spicewood TX  - 54 degrees and rain to 60 degrees and rain showers. The rain started after dark last night and got quite heavy, enough to knock off our television satellite signal for a while.

Maybe last nights and today’s rain was a good cleaning rinse on Buster we will see. Bonnie and I went to make the pickup of Avery from school and stayed a while after dinner. We returned to Buster just about dark and driving the road to Buster the second night Bonnie saw a deer grazing on her side shoulder of the road, different places each time.

Then when we parked the car there were three deer grazing behind Buster, not even looking up at first but the doors closing they looked up but did not run off. We just went on about our business of going inside Buster while the deer continued to eat grass. I did try for a picture but there was not enough light, the flash worked but the seine was black.

The rain was not good enough to clean Buster, maybe I was too hopeful, the old mechanical elbow grease is needed to get the grime loosened for the right cleaning of Buster, just my wishful thinking.

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