Sunday, June 1, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - May 30

Friday, May 30, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 67 degrees and mostly cloudy to 80 degrees and some sun. overcast day with the humidity.

Busy with little projects today, dad needed to be at work early so grandpa & grandma sat with Zane until the bus picked him up for school. Then grandma did some house work for Chris while I did small projects with Buster. I needed to change the top board on one of my large jack pad blocks and while off jacks check the hydraulic oil in the jack system and add some. Still need some screws for the water pump panel installation to complete. Hung one of the two re-strung shades after the part I needed arrived by Fedex.

I took Buster’s tire shades to the carwash for a power wash getting the Texas dust washed out, they cleaned up real good, got the color back to black. After a while Bonnie asked if I had the water off, NO but I check the faucet and maybe the handle moves so back in the kitchen I lift the handle yes there is water cold, hot no??? all our hot water faucets are not working. And by the way the microwave clock is off, black??? nothing got fixed. This is my summation of the hot water, I dislodged some sediment that got into a tube and is blocking water flow. Messed around with that for awhile and got some hot water flow but it is very limited, and can not really take things apart until Monday as there are games to attend Saturday and Sunday. Microwave, there is no power at the receptacle where it plug's in but only that one, and we can live with that until Monday.

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