Sunday, June 1, 2014

Holly Springs, NC May 31

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 64 degrees and mostly cloudy to 85 degrees and mostly sunny.

Dad & Zane
Two grandchildren, two sports softball and baseball, girls fastpitch (14u) boys baseball (9u) two fields this week are fairly close to the home. One being ten miles southeast and the other 23 miles northeast. Bonnie and I only missed one softball “pool” game that does not count in the standings.

In the games we were at Ariana played as first or second baseman. In the second “pool” game Ariana had a over the fence grand slam home run that cost me, good. Ariana’s “pool games” do not seed the bracket, as pool games are just practice. The third game was a bracket game later after going home for a pizza dinner. Zane and a friend played a short time in the pool (water this time) then back to the field for the late game that they won two to nothing. Sunday they start just before noon.

Zane’s “pool” games seed the bracket they won the first and lost the second game. Zane played four different positions including pitcher the final two innings of the first game. Boys baseball pitchers are limited to pitching six innings per weekend so use of pitching is a coaching decision using the players to the teams best advantage. Sunday Zane has two games starting at one PM, maybe we will see his late game.

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