Thursday, June 26, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Jun 24 & 25

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 66 degrees and mostly sunny to 85 degrees and partly sunny with an afternoon rain shower.

Zane hurt his left foot-ankle in school today, mom was called and took hin to an orthopedic doctor, nothing broken only sprained on the top outside of his foot. For now he is wearing a “orthopedic boot”. We will see how long that lasts it is supposed to be two weeks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 72 degrees and mostly cloudy to 89 degrees and partly sunny. The forecast here is for three days of thunder showers, and yesterday we did have an afternoon rain shower. 

Bonnie and I picked up Zane from school as his father took him to school on his way to work in the morning (only for three days then school is out). This is not an easy thing as you need to show identification and there is a long line of cars there (twelve) and we were there thirty minutes early. Bonnie was able to take Zane early and we were the first car out of there as I did not want to see all the cars showing up at normal discharge time.  

latter we ended up going to both practices, Zane’s baseball and ariana’s softball, we brought Zane home early, he was only there for “team spirit” sitting in the dugout when the team came in for a “water break”. 

Then we went to Ariana’s softball practice I was there sitting on the bleachers when the rain shower started, washing out the remaining practice time, as the shower stopped we loaded up to go home there was never any rain at the house, until after we were inside a quick shower came.

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