Sunday, June 8, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Jun 6

Friday, June 6, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 71 degrees and mostly cloudy to 84 degrees and partly sunny

Preparations for softball tournament in Burlington, NC Saturday and Sunday about a seventy five mile trip. There is not much shade there so we will get our canopy and have that with us for our shade.
The solar controllers are in theat lighted compartment
Working on the batteries and getting the canopy out are Buster’s left side things, morning shade there so come afternoon I stay away from the left side. On the right side I have the patio awning out for shade (no wind like our west to have me keep it on a short leash). I continued the troubleshooting the solar controller issue testing for voltage and opening the working controller for voltage checking I pulled a wire from the crimped terminal, rats. Now that is an issue as I have known that these are special narrow connection to the terminal bar and large diameter (gauge) wire. These are not available here and I substituted as best as I could. I purchased a box of fifty, used three. Filed down the three to get on that I used.

I got that closed up and put the fuse back in place everything was working. Working on these controllers is not fun as they were installed near the batteries and inside below the draws in the bedroom. Each controller has two green lights that show charge and use, charge is mostly on with sunshine.
Buster has a remote display that shows voltage or charging amperage in the same window. A red dot is added to the display when displaying charging amperage otherwise it is voltage. There is also a green indicator for system on or the sun is working, he he he, ok maybe on cloudy days it removes the question, is the system working.

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