Saturday, June 21, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Jun 20

Friday, June 20, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 70 degrees and mostly sunny to 90 degrees and mostly sunny.

As the evening darkness was coming last night the clouds were forming and it took to almost midnight when it hit, thunder, lightening and a good heavy rain to break the heat I hope.

We lost power and when that happens my c-pap machine shuts off and the positive air flow stops. After the power being off a awhile I turned on Buster’s generator and finally got back to sleep.

Shade man came back into being today and I hung the second shade I had repaired and did another shade complete down, repair and reinstalled. The last one is the first recording, I know this because it is installed differently than all the other shades. I was having problems removing this shade like the other shades are installed on closer inspection I was able to see the installation was different. After all this work a nap was needed also catching up from last nights lost sleep.

There were storm warnings again this afternoon but nothing until after eleven tonight then only rain.

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