Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Jun 8

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 55 degrees and mostly sunny to 83 degrees and partly cloudy to light rain showers late afternoon and evening.

John and Ariana left home before us as there is pre-game warmup and the possibility of an early start as this is the third game played on this field today. The facility has a four field quad setup with nice parking around the outside, but it is a long walk if carrying coolers, softball equipment and canopy’s

Bonnie and I arrived just at game time for Ariana’s team was on the field and we came in without the canopy. This game is looser goes home, as the game went into the second inning John went to the car and brought in the canopy, maybe I was pessimistic about the prospect of the game. The sun was hot and burning as Bonnie got “some color” today. John also has a small cart to carry the “equipment” to the field. At these softball games you see some elaborate carts that teams have to use at the softball fields.

The team played three games today finishing the last game during a rain shower before five o’clock. They played on two fields today like yesterday (field one and three) and today on fields two and one. As a win or go home day playing three games today the team finished third in the tournament.

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