Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Holly Springs, NC Jun 2

Monday, June 2, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 52 degrees and mostly sunny to 83 degrees and partly sunny, nice day.

Work all day, getting nothing accomplished. Hot water when I changed the water pump I had the water off, ok let me drain the hot water tank well a check valve has failed mostly closed and no hot water would flow out of the tank, well just a trickle. Accessing the backside of the water heater, that is not fun under the kitchen sink thru the cabinet. The microwave is not getting power from the receptacle, (this proved as I used an extension cord for power yesterday) the same time as the hot water went down, timing is everything, I went to look at the clock and the face was black nothing there. I check the circuit breaker box and nothing labeled for microwave. No other outlet is without power. Earlier in the day the clock was working and the range light was on.
Open floor and cabinet back wall
Trying to remove the floor of the cabinet and the false wall from the back of the cabinet area I can tell it was made and then installed as the screws are not accessible from the outside.

I drained the water tank again and back flowed that with air pressure from an outside faucet and can blow air out of the hot water tank drain. Now I need to access the tubing in the kitchen cabinet.
White is water heater 
I did remove the screws for the back wall but the bottom is glued or screwed together but I am now able to access the the back (inside of) the water heater. Found the bypass valve and operated that with water pressure with no improvement in hot water flow. Leaving all faucets closed for a period of time then opening one the first impression is there is no problem, but it trails off to a trickle. To be continued.

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