Saturday, June 7, 2014

Holly Springs, NC - Jun 5

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Holly Springs, NC - 73 degrees and partly sunny to 90 degrees and partly sunny, there were thunder storm forecasted forty percent chance. After our late lunch Bonnie and I drove around we go eighty nine drops on the windshield, and the road had been rained on but that was all there was for us.

Playing battery man today cleaning up the terminals on the house batteries I found that one of Buster’s solar controllers was not charging the batteries, more testing for that tomorrow. These batteries I replaced June last year

The engine batteries (Dec 08) do not hold a charge today and I have been using the battery interconnect switch for a while now when starting the engine but the batteries are over five years old. When parked we use the engine electric to operate the chairs and we were using that to charge one phone. While working we had the GPS on for the clock function.

About one o’clock the temperature was up there at ninety Bonnie and I got cleaned up and went out to late lunch-early dinner. Then there was retail therapy, we stopped and shopped for several things, a little here and a little there. Anyway then we got back to Buster Tan Jan had a new air filter installed just as the daylight was gone for the day. I forgot that when I had the oil changed at the beginning of last month.

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