Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 24 - 28

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Morning 52 Degrees, Wind W & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 95%, overcast.
Afternoon 69 Degrees, Wind SW & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 74%, overcast.

The collision shop contact called this morning trying to smooth things over, did not work and next week I will compose a letter to the insurance company. We have Tan Jan back tonight, the RV shop called just about lunch time to say they were done installing the tow base plate. We rode into town and picked up Tan Jan and dropped off the rental car. Good to have our car back.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Morning 65 Degrees, Wind SW & variable 1 Mph, Humidity 98%, overcast.

Tan Jan has a Road trip, today we are going to Austin, TX visiting with our daughter Carole and family for the thanksgiving day holiday. Going up the weather was misty to hard rain to some sunlight, traffic was heavy on I 35 with stop and go the last two miles to our exit. We rode along as they volunteered to help the homeless for thanksgiving Wednesday evening.

Food and clothing was distributed to locations to be given out on thanksgiving morning. On Thursday morning they went out to the turkey trot five mile walk while we watched the Macy's thanksgiving day parade on the television.

Friday we stayed away from the shopping areas actually in the warm dry house as the weather had gone cold and rainy.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Saturday, November 28, 2015
Afternoon 48 Degrees, Wind NE 3 & gusting to 5 Mph, Humidity 93%, overcast

we waited a little for the morning rush before heading out for Buster. Cooler this morning as a front moved thru bringing the colder weather. Still some rain with light showers for only a short distance while driving. Arriving here at Buster there were puddles our front on the side of the road must have had heavy rain while we were gone.

Thought For The Day – Don’t forget to set your scales back 10 pounds this week.

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