Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 20 - 23

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Nov 20 - 22
Friday late in the afternoon I got the call from the collision shop that they found the hoses leaking and that they trimmed the them back and re-seated the clamps. Also that the radiator was properly re-seated in the bracket. And they will deliver Tan Jan to the RV shop to reinstall the tow bar base plate.

Saturday and Sunday football and NASCAR racing from Miami, Florida.

Monday, About eight thirty I called the RV shop advising them that Tan Jan will be delivered there this morning, and with them telling me that Tan Jan was not there yet.
So here it is after ten o’clock on Monday morning, let’s call the collision shop to check on Tan Jan. My contact is not there this morning, they have not moved Tan Jan to the RV shop, but recite the coolant info I already know. This person now say’s that it will happen by eleven o’clock so just after eleven I call wanting to talk to the manager, on vacation, my contact is still not there so I am talking to the “office manager” receptionist, how calls back eight minutes latter saying the car is on the way and reconfirms the address. Lets see how the day ends.

We decide to head north into town and a call from the RV shop letting us know Tan Jan arrived at lunch time and they will get on it Monday afternoon - Tuesday morning and we can pick up about two o’clock Tuesday. We stop at the collision shop anyway letting them know our displeasure for their lack of service. We continue on to the RV shop and Tan Jan is there waiting I check under the front and still see evidence of coolant, we will see what the RV shop say's when they do their work installing the base plate. Well we need milk a stop for groceries is made on the return to Buster trip.

Thought For The Day – Every woman wants to be swept off her feet. It’s when you put them in the trunk that they start to freak out.

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