Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Nov 8 - 14

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Morning 62 Degrees, Wind N at 2 to 5 Mph, Humidity 89%, overcast.
Afternoon 78 Degrees, Wind N at 3 to 6 Mph, Humidity 87%, overcast.
Little dirt road river

Rig people change from crew to crew learning new face’s, different licence plates on different vehicles. These will be on site for two weeks for the drilling company. The rain has hampered our ability to do anything outside. The water has given me some trouble keeping the outside lights on as there is a ground fault receptacle keeps popping. We have a couple of cables ganged together and I think that was the problem area. After covering them with plastic bags it has been OK since. But just getting to the receptacle the mud on the shoes. Mud rain .65 inch what a day.

Little dirt road river

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Morning 64 Degrees, Wind NNW at 5 to 8 Mph, Humidity 90%, overcast .
Afternoon 68 Degrees, Wind NNE at 5 to 6 Mph, Humidity 75%, overcast.
.35 inch of rain. Morning misty rain  Afternoon steady rain. A crew for the water well came in today different than the digging crew.

Me with my Walmart Boots

Walmart boots, we finally remembered our “boots” (picture) these work well keeping our shoes from being full of the mud while walking around Buster or betting to the generator trailer.

Foot prints

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Thursday, November 10, 2016
Morning 64 Degrees, Wind NE at 5 to 7 Mph, Humidity 84%, overcast.
Afternoon 73 Degrees, Wind NE at 1 to 6 Mph, Humidity 51%, overcast.

It is still wet, no fun trying to get things in or out if Buster’s outside compartments walking around in the mud.  

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Friday, November 11, 2016
Morning 62 Degrees, Wind N at 4 to 5 Mph, Humidity 84%, overcast.
Afternoon 73 Degrees, Wind WNW at 3 to 5 Mph, Humidity 60%, mostly cloudy.

 At least it is not misty or rainy today, things may dry out today.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Saturday, November 12, 2016
Morning 63 Degrees, Wind NNW at 3 to 4 Mph, Humidity 90%, overcast.
Afternoon 80 Degrees, Wind ENE at 3 to 5 Mph, Humidity 56%, overcast.

 We had some partly sunny sky and no rain that is the good.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Sunday, November 13, 2016
Morning 62 Degrees, Wind ESE at 4 to 8 Mph, Humidity 89%, overcast.
Afternoon 75 Degrees, Wind SE at 3 to 4 Mph, Humidity 50%, partly sunny.

 Finally some sunshine, for a nice Sunday with slow vehicle traffic. Some people left for a week and some new arrivals again for a week. I have come to the realization the working together of employees from the “big names” in the oil industry. These people from the “big three” Haliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger. This drilling company has people from all three here doing their specialized tasks.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Monday, November 14, 2016
Morning 56 Degrees, Wind variable at 1 to 2 Mph, Humidity 93%, overcast - fog.
Afternoon 80 Degrees, Wind SSW at 6 to 12 Mph, Humidity 53%, mostly sunny.

Vehicle traffic very busy today after a nice slow weekend all different companies coming in to check on their equipment and starting new jobs this week.

it has finally dried up enough to walk around outside Buster without mud sticking to my shoes. I have been feeling stranded not wanting to go around the sides of Buster without the “Walmart boots”, now I can. You do realize the “boots” are a limited supply, you have to purchase things to get the bags, ha ha.

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