Thursday, January 12, 2017

Busters Gate Catarina, TX -Jan 4 - 9

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Thursday, January 5, 2017
Morning 51 Degrees, Wind variable, calm to 2 Mph, Humidity 67%, partly sunny .
Afternoon 72 Degrees, Wind  at  to  Mph, Humidity 47%, mostly sunny .

 Today should be the last day of the rig move out, not. The move will continue into tomorrow. The pace of the move even slowed with most of the parts our of this ranch.

Another crew has been on site for the past few days inspecting the drill pipe for fractures and condition for using it again. Some has already been removed.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Friday, January 6, 2017
Morning 28 Degrees, Wind NE at 10 to 16 Mph, Humidity 74%, overcast.
Afternoon 44 Degrees, Wind N at 12 to 17 Mph, Humidity 67%, overcast.

The crown (top of the rig) went out in the afternoon. One of the two cranes were removed also so we are winding down the rig move. Drill pipe inspection continues thru the weekend. Regular gaugers were having problems with their equipment in this cold weather.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Saturday, January 7, 2017
Morning 23 Degrees, Wind NW at 4 to 7 Mph, Humidity 69%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 44 Degrees, Wind NNE at 3 to 12 Mph, Humidity 25%, sunny.

Our water froze over night and thawed late morning with this very low temperature. Usually we keep water flow down to twenty eight degrees but the temperature dropped early last night and was below that number a long time. This area does not get a lot of sunshine so it was later in the morning before I even tried to pump water from the tank. Weekend mode and the rig is mostly out so there was a low traffic day.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Sunday, January 8, 2017
Morning 24 Degrees, Wind variable, calm to 3 Mph, Humidity 60%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 54 Degrees, Wind SSE at 3 to 11 Mph, Humidity 41%, partly sunny.

Cold again last night, frozen water again, only it was disconnected from Buster, we were using water from Busters tank. What I failed to do was close the valve on the tank outlet and drain the hose and pump on the trailer. I was able to warm the pump and hose and transfer water into the tank on Buster. But the hose on the trailer now leaks water under pressure so I closed the valve at the trailer tank (to preserve the supply) and tomorrow will get that fixed.

Very little traffic today with the pipe inspectors and a cleaning crew working inside at the well site. The usual gaugers and daily visitors. Drill pipe inspection is complete and that will move tomorrow.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Monday, January 9, 2017
Morning 40 Degrees, Wind variable, calm to 3 Mph, Humidity 84%, mostly sunny.
Afternoon 71 Degrees, Wind variable at 5 to 11 Mph, Humidity 46%, sunny.

Five trucks came in to get the drill pipe and two trucks with valve trees for the wells. Latter there were trucks in for water crew as there will be a frack operation later this month. Fracking requires a large water component that is why they put two eight inch water wells and built a pond for water.
Pump and hose to trailer side

This afternoon service came to replace the hose on the generator trailer for our water. From the water pump to the faucet on the side where we connect our white hose. Now if we have another cold snap I will drain that the evening before and reconnect it the next day.

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