Saturday, February 18, 2017

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Feb 9 - 13

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Thursday, February 9, 2017
Morning 49 degrees, Wind ENE at 5 to 9 Mph, Humidity 52%, sunny.
Afternoon 75 Degrees, Wind SE at 4 to 6 Mph, Humidity 40%, sunny.

 The oil company safety person came to the gate today wanting me to open both gates for every big truck, each gate is twenty feet wide, a truck is only eight and a half feet wide. Granted the road is curved enough it is difficult but very doable. The driver needs to “setup” the rig in the right position or keep right before getting to the gate. I motion big trucks to the right so they will clear the fixed gate and my wood walkways on the right side. The safety man went into the Frak pad and on his return we talked again with me telling him the problem with the gates. Looking out to the incoming road the right gate I have “blocked up” in order to have the “bolt” go thru into the other gate receptacle. The corner post is not strong enough and the gate sags. Additional weight was added when the barrel lock assembly was added after the original gate installation. I told him that a welder was needed to fix the problem. The safety man said that he would have someone come to get the gate lock resolved, great.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Friday, February 10, 2017
Morning 55 Degrees, Wind variable, calm to 2 Mph, Humidity 88%, overcast.
Afternoon 80 Degrees, Wind SSE at 6 to 16 Mph, Humidity 53%, mostly sunny.

By late this afternoon no one came to inquire about the gate and the company man was going out I talked with him about what has happened. He told me he would have someone here on Monday fine that would work for me. He also said that as of Sunday there will be another gate guard set at the entrance to the Frak pad to keep a close eye on the number of persons there.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Saturday, February 11, 2017
Morning 59 Degrees, Wind S at 2 to 4 Mph, Humidity 92%, overcast.
Afternoon 89 Degrees, Wind variable at 2 to 4 Mph, Humidity 48%, mostly sunny.

During the day today the welder showed up to research the gate problems. I explained the problems and possible remedies. He agreed with my ideas and said he would be here Monday morning ready to work.

On my wife’s shift tonight the sand trucks stopped coming in and out, that means problems down the hole.  

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Sunday, February 12, 2017
Morning 61 Degrees, Wind SSE at 5 to 8 Mph, Humidity 92%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 85 Degrees, Wind E at 8 to 21 Mph, Humidity 58%, mostly cloudy.
Gate Bollt next to welded ens plates of th north gate

Well the welder showed up today, a day early. Hr also had a helper and they got to work right away. A short time latter they were done and it might have helped that there were no sand trucks running.

This afternoon another gate guard was brought to the ranch and setup at the entrance to the well pad where the fracking is being done. I will be handling the gate for those vehicles only. The other guate guard will log them in and out. Less work load for us this afternoon.
Gate bolted

Coiled tubing crews came in today, they come in when there is a problem “down the hole”. I will get pictures on their way out, when they leave the gate.

Busters Gate Catarina, TX - Monday, February 13, 2017
Morning 61 Degrees, Wind ENE at 4 to 6 Mph, Humidity 90%, overcast.
Afternoon 83 Degrees, Wind ENE at 8 to 13 Mph, Humidity 60%, mostly cloudy.

For us we are now retraining the crews and the sand truck drivers when they come and leave the gate. After the welder did his work I can now bolt the gate without lifting the south side so the bolt can go into the north gate. For that reason I was only using the north gate open and closed to allow vehicles to enter the ranch. Most trucks could get close to the fence outside and then pass thru without any problems. Most five axle trailer trucks I open the south gate some to allow them thru the gate without any problems. Using the south gate will make a straighter run thru for the trucks and easier for them. But it is now a re-training the drivers effort for me. The frequent ones pick it up sooner. Some that have not been in a while still show up to the right and as I am walking out to the gate I am pointing to the left and open that gate.

Sand trucks are running again as the frack crew is working on other wells while the coiled tubing is working on another.

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