Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Apr 28 - May 16

Not much to write about, but here is some goings on. High school softball as our granddaughter is on the high school team. There were successful in their regular season finishing first in their division. That finish resulted in s birth in the state championships a win or go home type bracket. They were seeded second in the bracket and won two games and losing one game so that is done. The winning games were home games (no traveling) but the loss was two hour east drive and a long trip home.

So our granddaughter now moves on to “travel ball” this weekend there is a tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC the travel team is playing.

Our grandson is playing baseball on a team that travels around the area for tournaments so if there is something almost every weekend. Yes there has been a weekend without “ball” playing. Buster is doing well parked but there is a road trip in his future.

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  1. I really love your blog, your story, it make me dream the usa.. keep going. Cheers from Italy :)