Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Buster Moves Across the Street

Busters New Site
I am updating the header picture today to show I added a new state Michigan and some of the great lakes. Just last month I had no idea that Buster would be traveling to a new state for him this year. Plans are constantly changing as Buster goes down the road. This year as of today there at least three more new to Buster, states to be traveled in our plans. We were asked about Kentucky, we are not avoiding Kentucky just the routes we are taking did not involve Kentucky, my only plan now is next year

The heat is still ON, day time temperatures are still well into the 90's although the mornings are nice. No rain and the trees are losing leaf's as it is real dry. On Monday I had an unusual occurrence when leaving Focal Wood Products where I had connected my HHR and made left turn immediately and another in a little less than the length of the coach. When straight now on the road it felt like there was a flat tire. I stopped immediately to check all the tires finding nothing wrong? Continuing down the road no further conditions, everything normal. 
Merry on Desk Watching Printer

the Old Bag Factory

Here at Camelot Campground in Jones, Michigan we were on 30 amp electrical power, and we kept tripping the circuit breaker. First Monday evening and later yesterday. Well we changed to a 50 amp campsite and all is well. The road now in front of Buster was on the right side a corner site.

With only 30 amp electrical power, we cannot use two air conditioners, and other things like the battery charger, washer and electric tea kettle, refrigerator and micro wave oven over load a 30 amp circuit when too many of them are in use at one time. There are no problems with 50 amp as there are two separate circuits bringing in the power as opposed to only one circuit. When researching this campground there was no reference to what power they supplied and on check in I accepted 30 amp campsite thinking they only had that. Actually it was when I lifted the cover on the electrical pedestal is when I found only a 30 amp receptacle available.

Tuesday we traveled back into Goshen, Indiana and stopped at the Old Bag Factory.

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