Sunday, September 19, 2010


Friday, September 17, 2010   -   Sunday, September 19, 2010
52 degrees and Fog turning to Partly Cloudy to sunny. Up to 83 today. Buster is in Illinois and stopped two nights west of Joliet. Leisure Lake campgound Interstate 80 & I 55. Buster was lucky to get an early start leaving the fairgrounds. Some rigs pulled out Thursday getting an early getaway as there were over 800 rigs at the Escapade. We went and dumped the tanks and were on the road before nine thirty. Most rigs only had water & electric (30 amp) connections but the fairgrounds has manny tank dumping locations. Traffic on interstate 94 & 80 was moderate to heavy, we pasted into central time zone west of South Bend Indiana thus we parked Buster early for the day, good short driving day for Buster with Sally following close behind.

It is relaxing to now have the two rally's behind us and moving to Iowa for the leveling jacks on Monday. HWH hydraulics will check over our leveling jacks, one slow to raise and one had leaked. The control panel raise switch is also defective. We will travel on Sunday to Moscow, Iowa for the Monday work.

When that's complete it is then off to Bloomington, Minnesota. I am going to check with King Dome about our satellite dish on the roof of Buster that needs a control box to operate correctly.

From there it is on northwest to Euclid, MN where Bonnie has family, and there are getting cold mornings 36 degrees as I write this.

Saturday, September 18, 2010
63 degrees and clear to wake up to but it turned to an all day rain. Bonnie got to see Florida State Football team win the game on ESPN this afternoon. They were playing at home against BYU, and we are in Illinois that is great.

Sunday, September 19, 2010
52 degrees and Fog turning to Partly Cloudy to sunny. Up to 85 today and turned to drizzle. We arrived in Tipton, Iowa today and tomorrow 9:00 AM service on the leveling jacks. From Joliet to Tipton 171 miles we did not start until almost 11:00 AM as I went to Home Depot for a water filter cartridge. The water pressure was down after being there two days (a noticeable change from when we arrived) and it has been more than a month since changing the filter. I needed to replace the backup I keep onboard Buster.
We stopped in Walcott, Iowa at the biggest truck stop and had lunch-dinner in the restruant then moved Buster to Tipton, IA. Early go for Buster tomorrow.

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