Friday, May 6, 2011

Holly Springs, NC

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Florence, South Carolina 46 degrees and mostly sunny. Buster got a big drink of diesel in Latta, South Carolina. 59 gallons @ $ 3.929 average fuel mileage for 2,252 miles is 8.8 MPG for Buster. For the day 140 miles of travel there was delay on I 95 in Lumberton, NC so Buster took some local road US 301 to get around the delay. We arrived in Holly Springs, NC, 76 degrees and partly sunny for our summer. Buster’s trip from New Mexico 2047 miles.

One of hundreds of signs
Driving thru South Carolina there are signs for South of the Boarder tourist stop for over a hundred miles here is a picture of one sign and the actual site from the highway. I remember riding thru the area in the fifties on US 301 and it was a smaller busy place then and the sign were just as plentiful.
South of the Boarder from I 95
Christine was the first home so we had some time alone with her then the children came home from school and came right to us and Buster. Latter Bonnie and George went to dinner with Cindy our other daughter. When we came home to Buster there was some time with the grandchildren and Chris and John.

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