Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holly Springs, NC

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Holly Springs, NC, 55 degrees and mostly cloudy. The answer is I have been lazy. The question is why I have not been blogging for the past eleven days? Well there is not much to write about unless the every day mundane things are written about. Well actually there are some things to write.

There has been a lot of rain some during the day but a lot overnight. Temperatures are mostly in the fifties in the morning and up into the eighties in the afternoon.

Zane and Grandma Bonnie
Before the Skate outing we had lunch out at Sweet Tomatoes
Zane (gray shirt) two friends down
Last Saturday (the fourteenth) Christine had a birthday outing at a skating ring for Zane (6) there were fourteen friends there with Zane and he skates very well this was the fifth time skating this year.
Ariana (pink blouse)
Ariana is a speedster and she also had a friend there with her. This Saturday is a softball tournament for Ariana in Cary, NC about a half hour drive for all of us to the field.
Let them eat ice cream and cake
Christine and John have decided to purchase and install a 21 foot above ground swimming pool that should be installed Friday weather permitting.

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