Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moncure, NC

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dickens RV Park Moncure, NC 79 degrees partly sunny, to 97 degrees and partly sunny.

Windy over night last night with the large awning snapping now and again during the night and I not wanting to get dressed and go out release the tie down and roll the awning in some.

Ariana (9 & 10) and Zane (6 and under) had swimming meet at the Apex pool we arrived an hour early five o’clock and parking was at a premium. The meet starts at six o’clock, I stopped to unload the canopy chairs and cooler then going to find a spot to put Silver Sally was right ahead of me on the left I had started looking further away first.
Zane and John at the starting block
Zane at the finnish rope with "helper"
Zane only swims fifteen meters, there is a rope stretched across the pool that the six and under swim to. There are "helpers" in the pool for their age group also. 7 - 8 and 9-10 swim the pool one lap twenty five meters.
Ariana starting with pink cap

Ariana swimming

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