Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moncure, NC

Friday, July 22, 2011
Dickens RV Park Moncure, NC 73 degrees partly sunny, to 104 degrees and partly sunny. Hot enough for you? Silver Sally took George and Bonnie to Sanford, NC to have dinner, too hot today to do anything else earlier today.

Ariana (#11) batting
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Dickens RV Park Moncure, NC 73 degrees partly sunny, to 104 degrees and partly sunny. Ariana (10) our granddaughter has a softball tournament in Angier, NC and for George and Bonnie driving Silver Sally about thirty minutes from Moncure. It will be a hot one today.

I left the camera in Silver Sally for the first game just not thinking and it was a long walk back to the car. The second time we got Sally parked closer to the field and I remembered the camera. (To enlarge pictures; Click on picture to enlarge, click return button (<) on your browser to return to post).

Ariana coming off third base, and scored
What a day the first game was at 9:45 AM and the second game was at 7 PM and started a half hour late. The girls started slow in the first game and the format is timed at seventy minutes so they tided at four runs. We went home and relaxed kept cool and returned for the second game refreshed. The second game is also a timed game at seventy five minutes, finish the inning, Ariana's team were the visitors this game. If the home team is behind, they complete their half of the inning batting.

Post game watermelon
"Little brothers"
After spending some time at Buster George & Bonnie went to Christine's for a cookout dinner that we had inside, "too hot outside". There was a shower on our way to Christine’s and sprinkles at the game, they won with good defense and some good hitting the ball fourteen to zero.

Back at Buster there was a good thunder shower as our outside rug was blown around and the awning tie down was on the ground.

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