Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011
The Escapees Ranch - Lakewood, NM 48 degrees’ and sunny to 85 degrees’ and sunny.
Ranch House Birthday Party
Cass and Thayer 175 years of Life
MEWS - (Men Eating Without Supervision) we (eight men) went to a restaurant east of Artesia, NM about five miles The Paddock restaurant. this was postponed because of the post office town hall meeting yesterday.

Cass, Cards and Flowers
 Today there was a special birthday celebration for a former "Ranch Hand" Cass turns eighty on Sunday. She comes to the Ranch every Friday and visits with friends and goes to the post office for mail. This week she was escorted by Lucy and the rest of the "ranch hands" gathered in the main room of the ranch house. Then Lucy brought Cass in they were talking and Cass did not realize there was a full room of friends present as she entered to celebrate her birthday. This went off an hour before our normal daily happy hour at The Ranch. Netty was able to bring the special surprise Birthday Party together.

Cass, Cake and Netty (The Ring leader)
  Mr Cannon and Mrs Kodak were safe at home with Buster so we have no pictures, there were pictures taken and I will get them and add them the post later.

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