Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Ranch Lakewood, NM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
The Escapees Ranch - Lakewood, NM 57 degrees’ and sunny to 89 degrees’ and mostly sunny and the wind was blowing a good clip for a while.

 Buster had his carpeting shampooed or professionally cleaned today. Merry spent part of the day awake outside on the leash crying to go inside and sleep under the peoples bed. Randy Jones came and cleaned ten or twelve rigs each at a reasonable price. With our climate the carpeting drys quickly here in the desert. We take our shoes off at the front and walk in stocking feet through the coach so the carpet does not get real dirty but annually cleaning is good.

Four of us played Mexican Train dominos' Art and Sherry and George & Bonnie. Girls against Boys, tonight boys win.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
The Escapees Ranch - Lakewood, NM 48 degrees’ and sunny to 78 degrees’ and sunny.

That "weather" that has been trying to come thru here has made it’s presents known today (Tonight). We finally had some rain, enough that there were puddles in the Ranch House parking lot when we returned from the lodge meeting tonight.

MEWS - (Men Eating Without Supervision) we go to a restaurant east of Artesia, NM about five miles The Paddock restaurant. This is a Thursday thing but this week there is a special scheduled for Thursday at nine o;clock. There were about five of us mews men, not a big group because we went early and needed to be back to The Ranch early, a busy day today.

There was a "Town Hall" meeting at ten this morning for members of our Ranch Co-op to go over the agenda for the semi-annual business meeting that is scheduled for next week.

I went to Carlsbad Elks Lodge with Soren who was my sponsor to the Elks last night. Bonnie went to bible study so the "train" did not run tonight (Mexican Train dominos’).

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