Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday and Saturday
Friday, January 13, 2012
Quartzsite, Arizona - Plomosa Road BLM land partly sunny and 39 degrees’ to partly sunny and 66 degrees’. For a while this afternoon there was full sun and the solar was charging the batteries at 20.5 amps per hour.

We both went to breakfast for biscuits and gravy today then to Parker to pickup mail, and you can never for get uncle Wally.

We had pizza for lunch and dinner (left overs or take home) today. Tomorrow is an up and out early for Buster as he is getting another solar panel.

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Quartzsite, Arizona - Plomosa Road BLM land partly sunny and 33 degrees’ to partly sunny and 65 degrees’. There was a cloud bank that moved thru but that did clear today.

We took Buster into Quartzsite for another solar panel when to dump black and gray water tanks while Buster was there in town. Then fill the fresh water tank. While they were working on Buster we went for pancake breakfast at La Masa RV or "breakfast at the Silver Buckle" the name on th building at La Masa RV sales that is giving free breakfasts and lunch.

NFL football playoffs start today

Five rigs came in today for the Escapee Elk BoF Rally that starts Tuesday. There was a short window of good sun and the batteries were charging at 31.2 amps per hour. Four solar panels two are tilted up for maximum possible charging rate and two flat to the roof. The ones that are flat on the roof would require me to go on top of Buster to tilt them up and I do not go on top. I raise the left side from the side and Buster is positioned mostly east for the best sun and the wind at his back or left side. The morning sun on the windshield is also warming the inside.

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