Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quartzsite, Arizona

Sunday - Monday
Sunday, January 22, 2012
Quartzsite, Arizona - Plomosa Road BLM land mostly cloudy and 40 degrees’ with lower wind to cloudy and 67 degrees’. Last night the wind was pulsing giving Buster a rocking motion from time to time in the evening.

In the late morning some of our chapter #23 members car pooled to the desert bar north of Parker, AZ and off road about five miles into the desert on gravel roads. The bar is only open on weekends and there is no connection to the electric grid, all their electric is solar power. Live music cold drinks everything is run from solar.

On the return to buster we had happy hour out side with the football games played on Buster’s outside television New England Patriots and The NY Giants were the winners.

You can notice from this post that we have stayed away from Quartzsite for a couple of days as the traffic in town is crazy the first weekend of the big tent opening. We will be in there tomorrow, looking for LED lights.

Monday, January 23, 2012
Quartzsite, Arizona - Plomosa Road BLM land mostly cloudy and 42 degrees’ to mostly cloudy and 67 degrees’ with some rain, most of the rain was after dark.

Not today, pancake breakfast at La Masa RV or "breakfast at the Silver Buckle" the name on the building at La Masa RV sales that is giving free breakfasts and lunch, they were backed out the door on line, we went elsewhere for breakfast today.

Wow they (Rv snowbirds) have arrived the traffic today was at its peak and difficult getting around town. We did get the LED lights replacing the fluorescent bulbs in two fixtures with one stick of LED’s in each fixture and have more light and greatly reduced energy consumed from our batteries. Thank you George B he recommended a sticks and bricks place that is selling the LED lights. Today with the cloud cover solar charging was at a minimum generator time.

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