Friday, February 10, 2012

Yuma, AZ

Monday - Tuesday
Monday, February 6, 2012
Yuma, Arizona sunny 47 degrees and sunny to 74 degrees’.

Propane gas and laundry day, we waited and went to the laundry after noon and there was plenty of machines available. I went for propane gas during the morning, plenty of "gasers" waiting to get their propane gas tanks filled. Happy hour was overcast cloudy "weather" moving in from California

Jim and Mark
We are planning to head east at the end of the week. Not totally sure when we pull out of "Paradise" but by the end of the week for sure. By next Monday I need to off load the pull tabs the Escapee Elk Bof collected for Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix.
Super Bowl at Buster
George, John, Trudy and Linda
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Yuma, Arizona partly sunny 52 degrees and mostly cloudy to 70 degrees’.

Sunrise at Paradise Casino
Making plans and getting ready to move after a long stay, been here eleven days already. The holding tanks are getting full fresh water we can add from a five gallon container. There are water stations where reverse osmosis (R O) water can be purchased five gallons for a dollar so I have been keeping that above one third full. Jim and Linda moved their rig to dump tanks at the Elks Lodge today then parked behind Mark and Karen across from Buster. This way they do not have far to walk for happy hour.

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