Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ranch, Lakewood, NM

April 26, 2012

An April recap, I have been busy with the presidents job of operating The Ranch Co-op, with board meetings, two town hall meetings (in March) and then a spring semi annual meeting that I am responsible to conduct. The board of directors presented some changes to the operating by-laws that took many hours of discussion in meetings and e-mails. These changes were accepted with a little adjustment during the semi annual meeting. We continue to attend happy hour every day as this is an important function of the Ranch, meeting the new arrivals and being available to members for comment and input. We had a nice Easter dinner for about seventy-two. The first two weeks of the month were the busiest the meeting and that day our managers took off for a week vacation. This left me filling in for the outside responsibilities around the park and we had a fill in for the office. After that it was getting ready to order a portable building to be used as a laundry. The current laundry has a sink hole the floor is cracked and a large piece of concrete is sinking. This current building is close to a dry river that has been wet once in ten years. There also "has been" a water leak under this building. We has a soils engineering company test the ground and it was suggested to go with the portable type building. Park attendance is slowing down as the temperature is rising we are into the nineties and yesterday we did reach one hundred and one degrees. Tuesday on the return trip from Hobbs, NM where we ordered the building there was a small rain shower, I turned the wipers on for two passes over the window.

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