Monday, June 25, 2012

Road Runner Raceway

Saturday, June 23, 2012
The Ranch, Lakewood, New Mexico 66 degrees and partly sunny to 95 degrees and sunny.

We are doing some work outside while the temperature and sun is acceptable early in the morning. Today as in the past few days Richard is raking the parking lot where the electric trench was dug, and is looking pretty good now. These buildings that are built on skids need something around the edge of the building to prevent snakes and rabbits from going under so we are using a hardware cloth. It is ½ by ½ inch squares twelve inches by twenty five feet stapled to the lower edge of the building and buried into the ground we stapled, today in the area of the front deck today. Then we moved inside continuing the paneling installation. In this area behind where the washing machines are going the paneling will be cutoffs and cutouts pieced together.

Tonight I went with Greg and Wally to the Carlsbad Road Runner Raceway for a night of short track racing. Two nights this week I was out past my bedtime, WoW, but we had fun going to the races.

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