Friday, November 2, 2012

The Original Ranch, Lakewood, NM - western roundup

Thursday, November 1, 2012
The Original Ranch, Lakewood, New Mexico 42 degrees and mostly sunny to 80 degrees and sunny.

MEWS - (Men Eating Without Supervision) twelve of us car-pooled to The Paddock restaurant about five miles east of Artesia, NM for breakfast this morning.

We are having western roundup this weekend here at the ranch starting at happy hour.

At four o’clock I with Chuck and Bob from the ranch went to a local fire house, Atoka, for another meeting of local ranchers for their water problems, weld drying up because of the State of New Mexico pumping water into the Pecos River to go to Texas. The state has lost a supreme court decision, not allowing enough water to flow into Texas. There are over seventeen artesian wells that have gone dry in the county. Two more meetings are scheduled in the next two weeks, one is with the county commission and just the ranchers after that.
Pot Luck Dinner

At four o'clock Bonnie and I went to happy hour at the ranch house. Dinner was pot luck at the ranch house. I got there late from the water meeting.

Pot Luck Dinner

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