Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hope Village Inn and RV park Hope, AR

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Palestine, TX 28 degrees and partly sunny. The goal today is Arkansas, Texarkana, Arkansas, finally done with Texas for this trip. A nice travel day for Buster, for me not so much as my plans went out the window. The address for the Walmart diesel I had programed into Garmin was no good. Trying to find a spot to sit Buster and do any research was also difficult to find. Finally I used the points of interest (POI) and found Walmart a mile and a half a way. Diesel was $3.689 a gallon I drained the gift card again.

Buster at Palestine, TX
Same problem with the campground I selected, then I went to the GPS coordinates and still did not like the location. I really wanted was my computer and map to research, but they were packed away in the cabinet. Did another POI search for campgrounds and found one thirty one miles further as it was only after one o’clock why not go another thirty miles today. It will shorten the next day’s travel, which was planed as a long day’s travel, all across Arkansas.

SR 155

Hope Village Inn and RV park Hope, AR 58 degrees and sunny, part of a motel but we are only overnighting here not squatting for a while. Buster had a sunny days travel over hilly country on mostly four lane roads with light traffic. Two hundred and eight miles today starting about nine-thirty today.

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