Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hidden Valley RV Park - Von Ormy, Texas, Jan 3

Friday, January 3, 2014
Hidden Valley RV Park - Von Ormy, Texas, 33 degrees mostly sunny to 58 and mostly sunny.

It was a nice day yesterday and a lot of running around Bonnie needed her glasses adjusted then we walked around H E B Plus more than three times the size of Pearsall or Carrizo Springs stores and we only came out with a few things sticking to our hands. Then lunch at Panera Bread as Bonnie wanted to try soup in a bread bowl, I had a sandwich.
Buster parked at Hidden Valley RV Park 
We need to reduce our telephone and air card expense as now we have both AT&T and Verizon. Some times I cannot download e-mail to the computer without rebooting the computer and air card (Verizon) in this area. AT&T in this area works great. So I am trying to have the Verizon reduced. Then we had to hose off Tan Jan as the RV park has a dirt road coming in and in the camp area, when we came back from Texas RV Supply in tow behind Buster there is a lot of dust kicked up. Bonnie got another super Walmart fix this was a different store location.

Buster's new steps
We are going to stay here for the week as Carole and Avery are just getting back from their trip to North Carolina. Besides it is a little warmer here in the San Antonio area.

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