Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate Apr 20 - 21

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate 69 degrees and cloudy to 80 degrees and mostly sunny.

Pipe Sunday, they are changing the drill pipe to a smaller size now that th casing is in place inside the well. So they are loading and removing larger pipe and unloading small pipe since very early this morning when Bonnie was on duty. The flatbed trucks coming and going made for busy morning here and slowed down in the afternoon.

Using the lay down truck to bring in the smaller drill pipe

Monday, April 21, 2014
Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate 70 degrees and cloudy to 84 degrees and partly sunny.

The rig crew shift changes here on Sunday - Monday, day shift goes home for a week Sunday afternoon and a new crew starts Monday morning. The night shift goes home Monday morning and the new night shift comes on in the evening. It also seams that last weeks day men are coming in for the night shift this week. I went to Pearsall this week for groceries and Tan Jan needed an oil and filter change.

Awhile back I had a post on noise and I thought of that today and a few times in the past couple of days. The work today seemed to be more busy work with a larger number of vehicles on site at the same time (and the past few days more trucks on site at the same time) and multiple tasks being performed at the same time. With pipes clanging as they are moved or placed on storage racks and trucks backing to position and off load they toot their air horn before backing. The rig, when operating toots an air horn to have people respond one two or three short blasts brings different men to their proper position. An emergency will be a long continuous blast of the air horn.

All of this is raising the difficultly of sleeping during the daylight hours. As I am writing this it is night and I can hear a truck coming up the dirt road to our site, after stopping the driver opens his door to allow our interaction “signing the log sheet” and the lanyard to operate the truck air horn is caught on the door and is pulled as the door opens. Part of the “being close to the job site that we had not experienced in our three other gates. There we could not see or hear the rig or any work operation from the gate area.

Lay Down and wire line trucks in position at the rig

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