Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate Apr 5

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Dilly, Texas - Buster’s Gate 61 degrees and cloudy to 63 degrees and mostly cloudy.

Today Before Bonnie went to bed for her days sleep I went into Dilly post office with our checks to mail them. Well this post office is closed on the weekends, yes I deposited the letter in the mail deposit slot but if will rest there until Monday afternoon.

Noise, we are about 500 to 700 feet from the rig and tower, we do hear the large diesel engine running and when they raise the yellow “hook or block, that pulls up the drill pipe or lowers in into the well
” the diesel engine is accelerated for a fast rate to rise the hook and is noticeable when awake.
Yellow block
When sleeping it does not wake from sleep. There is some sort of air powered wrench that is used to couple or uncouple pipe, again the short run time does not wake you from sleep but is noticeable when sitting inside or outside. So I am saying the “rig operations” does not cause any objectionable noise. 
The dust cloud raised by the water trucks

Now the water trucks traveling past Buster are only 25 to 40 feet to the side with some being operated like they are moving down a Texas highway in stead of a dirt county road that rumbling can be more disturbing than the rig operations.

Water truck moving down the county road

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  1. Yesterday 4/7 new housing for workers arrived across the road from us. the trailers look new. they have a large water tank like us and blackwater tanks.Even satellite antenna's. they take good care of their workers.inside there's a community center. Got windy this afternoon.Calmed with sunset.
    I slept about 3 hrs. last nite not by choice feeling a bit under the laundry got done this A.M. So blessed to have an on board washer/dryer.
    That's my 2 cents Bonnie