Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Oct 12 - 14

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Monday, October 12, 2015
Morning 69 Degrees, Wind SW calm, Humidity 99%, mist.
Afternoon 98 Degrees, Wind WSW 2 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 31%, mostly sunny.

Cleared into a nice day. I went into Pleasanton to transfer some prescriptions and get then refilled they took the information and said come back after two o’clock tomorrow.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Morning 76 Degrees, Wind ENE 4 & gusting to 8 Mph, Humidity 92%, overcast.
Afternoon 89 Degrees, Wind  & gusting to  Mph, Humidity 5%, mostly sunny.
Big job for the day and only half done, get prescriptions. I was told yesterday come in after two to pick up the four prescriptions I dropped off. As soon as I turned onto the road I got a call from the pharmacy (automated call) one prescriptions was ready. Well I thought that was odd as one was for my wife and three for me and only one ready, but then again maybe that was her call. There was no other call and after arriving at the counter I picked up two one for each of us. So tomorrow I will wait for the call before I go there again. Examining the refilled prescriptions in small print they were filled off site and delivered to the store.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Morning 63 Degrees, Wind variable 1 & gusting to 3 Mph, Humidity 42%, partly sunny.
Afternoon 97 Degrees, Wind ESE 8 & gusting to 10 Mph, Humidity 10%, mostly sunny.  
Rest day doing nothing important.  Just waiting for the call to come pickup two prescriptions.

Pleasanton, Texas - Atascosa RV Park - Thursday, October 15, 2015
Morning 62 Degrees, Wind  variable & calm, Humidity 99%, Fog, burned off quickly with the sun coming up to partly sunny.
Afternoon 98 Degrees, Wind SW 2 & gusting to 4 Mph, Humidity 25%, mostly sunny.  
Big job for the day and only half done, get prescriptions, wait a minute this is a rerun of Tuesday, actually it is worse than that. Going to the pickup window (without getting any telephone call) giving name and birthday, no nothing in the Q. Now this is the person I picked up the two prescriptions from on Tuesday, she had remembered me. Now having to tell her what medications I was looking to get resulted in passing me to the drop off window. Finding out that only two prescriptions were processed. So one was processed today while I waited and one still needed a call to the doctor to authorize a refill. So tomorrow it will be one hundred percent or zero percent.

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