Friday, January 8, 2016

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Jan 5 - 6

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Morning 37 Degrees, Wind NNE 2 & gusting to 3 Mph, Humidity 88%, partly sunny.
Afternoon 63 Degrees, Wind NE 8 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity %, mostly cloudy.

Look in to the gate site
I was on time at the gate, the directions were correct and good. I had also checked the location on my map program last night. Driving to a new location in the dark for the first time is is not my “cup of tea”. This is not “new” work site just new to me. Paul was already there and I would be there with him all shift. The oil company is winding down the work task at this site as starting yesterday there was a large move out of equipment with more coming out late today. I will work the site alone tomorrow but it will also close after more equipment comes out.

Looking out from the gate site
The gate guard setup with a generator and a trailer shack is different than having Buster there on the gate site but we can deal with it. The location is sixteen miles from the RV park so it is not a bad commute, and there is no traffic to deal with in the small town. This is “was” a twenty-four hour gate and the gate guards can agree to shift change when ever they wish between five and six. Paul had relieved the night guard at five this morning. Paul and I were relieved at five-fifteen this evening and we had some sunlight driving home to Buster.

The way I came to the gate
There is another gate there at the end of the road. Right of center there is a crane up in the air at the work site.

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Morning 52 Degrees, Wind ENE 4 Mph, Humidity 98%, cloudy overcast.
Afternoon 62 Degrees, Wind NE 5 Mph, cloudy overcast rain.

This was an easy day for me and short, less than twelve hours. I relieved Robert at five o’clock with no vehicles coming to the gate before six-thirty. Then it was only one until nine-thirty when the “big rush” came with two flatbed trucks and four pickup trucks. These vehicles were all gone before ten-thirty and I closed the gate and left for Buster.

Bonnie worked another gate with Mary Jane today near Karnes City about twenty-eight miles from Buster.

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