Thursday, March 3, 2016

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Mar 1

Iron Horse RV Ranch - Yorktown, TX - Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Morning 51 Degrees, Wind  & gusting to  Mph, Humidity 95%, cloudy.
Afternoon 81 Degrees, Wind NNW 3 & gusting to 9 Mph, Humidity 45%, mostly sunny.
Sand truck going to unload
Look at this the start of the third month of the year already. I worked overnight with the last few hours being tough staying awake as I did not get enough sleep. It was nice having hot water ready when arriving home to Buster and getting shower, not having to wait for the water to heat up. We never kept the water hot with propane gas to conserve the gas, only turning on the propane gas when we wanted hot water giving it fifteen minutes to heat the water in the tank.
Unloaded sand truck leaving the site

The sand trucks were slow for the first three hours then they started coming in better. This resulted in a no waiting time for them as soon as they parked the “sand man” came and brought them up the hill for the unloading process. The “sand man” is a guy in a pickup truck would come down the hill from the unloading area and getting some trucks to follow him up the hill to unload.

After we got some sleep we had to go into San Antonio and switch rental cars. We can only get a month rental no month to month leases are allowed??? So monthly we need to turn in and replace the car on a new rental agreement. Actually I had to extend a day as I could not make the trip to San Antonio Monday and go to work last night. I got up latter today as I was really tired when I went to bed not sleeping well the past night.

The trip into San Antonio from Buster is eighty-four miles northwest one-way. The trip went well arriving there about four o’clock and then went to RV part store Texas RV Supply to get a new water pressure regulator (different type). The small one we had, I really do not like because it regulates pressure and water flow. I had this type before but, forgot to remove at a camp ground thus lost it as we were one hundred or more miles from the site when discovering the regulator not there in the compartment.

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