Monday, June 6, 2016

Texas RV Supply - San Antonio, Texas -June 3

Texas RV Supply - San Antonio, Texas - Friday, June 3, 2016
Morning 65 Degrees, Wind variable & calm, Humidity 99%, partly cloudy.
Afternoon 81 Degrees, Wind E at 4 to 12 Mph, Humidity 60%, mostly cloudy, rain.
I never did any troubleshooting on the air conditioner. The service department here did that for me and found that the shroud (for the air conditioner up on the roof) was missing. It turns out the shroud is functional for the cooling process, I never thought of that. That caused a high electric use and popped the circuit breaker. I presume that the shroud, sun and time damaged was blown away in the storm of Sunday May twenty-two.
New shroud on the air conditioner

Buster does not normally retain “gray water”, I usually have the gray water valve open when parked in a RV site. While we were parked at the gates I was keeping the valve closed and when the quantity of water was about thirds full I would open the Valve and dump into the tank on the ground (four times Buster’s size) that the waist company put there for Buster. As the water level got over half full in Buster’s tank I would see water coming into the compartment. Turned out to be the valve and seals leaking, I was thing a part was cracked leaking under pressure of water.

front air conditioner that was replaced last summer

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